Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Home Staging: Three (3) Things To Consider Before Hiring A Home Staging Professional

Selling homes is more than just employing the help of a realtor in enlisting your property, finding a buyer and sealing the contract. It also entails prepping your house in the most appealing way possible for a quick and successful transaction.
What To Consider Before Hiring A Home Staging Professional
There are several reasons why you should hire a professional. One is that his expertise can showcase the finest features of your residence in a way that it can compete with other new houses for sale in the Philippine market. If implemented properly, the value of your PH property can increase consequently. He can make the buying process faster too with his recommendations and technical suggestions.
If you’re a seller who is having second thoughts about seeking a home stager, here are some items to consider before you make a final decision.

1.       Identify the current condition of your residence. When was it built and how long has it been inhabited? How big is your space? Its physical state and size can very well dictate the amount of work that needs to be done. Are your interiors and exteriors still in good form? Do you need to repaint the walls or will cleaning and de-cluttering do? Assess the volume of required repairs. Do you need to change the carpet? Are the rooms suitable enough or do they need to be furnished too? Determine the areas that call for an upgrade and renovation. What do you do with the items you do not use anymore? Can you make big cash out of it? Gauge when is the best time to hold a garage sale.

2.       Evaluate which tasks you can do by yourself. Do remember that the whole procedure may demand a lot of your hours and skills as well. Can you handle the stress? For instance, have you set a target date of showing yet? With the bulk of work ahead of you, can you ready it on time if you were to do it all alone? Have you given thought on how you can highlight each room with minimal cost? What paint colors should you choose? Will it complement well with the rest of the interior?

3.       Determine your budget. While it seems easy to let a professional take care of the entire scenario, the question remains – can you afford his fee? Perhaps, you can do away with a consultant as a cheaper alternative.