Thursday, April 10, 2014

Selling Your House: Preparing It For A Sale

Selling your house can be a daunting task that can often be met with one very worrying challenge: making sure the house is and stays clean while your family is still living in it so that viewing can go as planned. Fortunately, if you are selling your house during warmer seasons, between the months of February to May, it is easier to clean the house and make it more attractive for viewers.

In the country, land is still more valuable than having a prebuilt house, especially in the countryside. You can easily get a sign for lot along the rural countryside while a house for sale in the Philippines is easier in urban areas like in Metro Manila.

If you are selling your house, here are tips to prepare it for selling:
  • Start from the outside going in.Most potential buyers just cruise along potential houses. If they are drawn and attracted by your house from the outside, the more possible that they will call and schedule in a viewing. Make sure that you have a clean yard, functioning gates for security or even an updated paint in your walls. You don’t need to spend if there is no money but buyers would like to get the impression that the house is well-maintained.
  • Clean your house from a viewpoint of a potential buyer.When you clean or rearrange your house, get impersonal. You need to put yourself in a buyer’s perspective and look at it from a viewpoint on what a potential buyer wants to see in a potential house he might want to buy.
  • Take advantage of online selling sites and word of mouth.Sure you can put up a sign saying that the house is for sale but sooner or later you would need to advertise. You can take advantage of buy and sell sites that allow sellers to post for free given a time period. You can also ask your relatives and friends to spread word around that you are selling the house.
  • Get a realtor.A real estate agent may not be in your plans but he can make selling the house so much simpler not to mention easier and faster. If you're on the fence about whether you should try a for-sale-by-owner approach or count on a pro, take a moment and consider if this is really a task you're up for. You don't have access to the same buyer base, you're probably not fluent in all the laws, and do you really want to spend every spare moment negotiating with buyers? A relationship with an agent can make selling your home faster, easier and probably even get you a better price.


  1. Also, get ride of any odors (pet, food, carpet, etc.). If you smoke, please only do so outside of the home. Buyer's find it to be offensive.

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