Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Home Inspection Checklist: Four Common Mistakes During A Home Inspection

Home inspection is an essential step for every homebuyer. During this phase, the buyer gets to learn about all the positive and negative aspects of the property he or she is eyeing to buy. The result greatly influences his or her decision to pursue with the purchase, negotiate or opt out altogether.

What Are The Common Mistakes During A Home Inspection
Learn the common mistakes committed by homebuyers during a home inspection.

Here is a quick guide so you’ll be equipped when it’s your turn to do it on your future house.

1.       Dismissing new constructions. Just because it is a new house for sale in the Philippines does not automatically mean everything is in good shape. Do not make assumptions and just forego the process without thoroughly checking the Philippine property. Remember that passing local ordinances and municipal building inspections do not necessarily equate to zero defect. You surely wouldn’t want to be surprised later on when you find out that there is a need for a major repair after all.

2.       Hiring an inspector to attend on your behalf. Another frequent error most buyers commit is putting their trust on a professional without seeing the condition of the residence with their own eyes. They only rely on written reports and analysis to guide them through the purchase. They either do not have the time to attend personally or perhaps they are under the impression that their presence is not actually necessary. Avoid this blunder and take the initiative to accompany your guy so you can witness what’s working and what’s not… first-hand.

3.       Going for the cheapest alternative. Why waste a good amount of money when you can enlist the help of your friend or a relative to do the inspections? Or why not employ a company that offers very affordable services? Surely it wouldn’t be listed on the yellow pages if it is just a scam, would it? Wrong! Remember that this is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll have to make in your life. Do not fall short just because you want to save some extra cash.

4.       Not weighing all the costs. You ignore the inspector’s recommendations because it means bigger expenditure on your end. You presume you can do the repair by yourself with lesser cost. Never underestimate nor overestimate each issue you’ll find. Listen what the professional has to say. Assess the good, the bad and the ugly and decide from there.

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