Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cleanest Malls In Metro Manila

Many Filipinos spend a lot of their time in the malls. Many of them go straight to the mall after work and during weekends. The popularity of going to the malls as a pastime is evident in the number of people that these places get especially during special occasions and sales.

With the large number of people who frequent malls in the Philippines every day, you would think that many of them are a bit dirty and disorderly. On the other hand, the numerous malls make the competition among them stiffer. A lot of these malls strive to have the best offerings for its patrons; whether state-of-the-art cinemas, the best shops, big events in the Philippines, and a large variety of restaurants, these malls aim to provide an excellent experience.

If you are one of those who prioritizes cleanliness in malls, below are some of the cleanest malls you can go to in Metro Manila.

· Greenbelt Mall. This mall is the poster child for clean and green malls. Long before malls started incorporating greenery and pocket gardens in their designs Greenbelt was blazing the trail with their open mall concept and large central garden. Being gre.en is not the only thrust of this mall because cleanliness is also very evident.

· SM Mall of Asia. The Mall of Asia’s strategic location right by the Manila Bay makes it a model of how clean seaside establishments should be. Despite its vast area and being one of the biggest malls, SM MOA succeeds in controlling the potential litter and trash that a mall its size could accumulate, making it still one of the cleanest malls to visit.

· Rockwell Mall. Some people say that the mall in Rockwell is a mall for the more affluent people. Whether this is true or not, this mall certainly tries to live up to the standards of such a mall. The mall is very clean and you only get quick glimpses of how much work it takes to keep it as such.

· Shangri-La Plaza Mall. This mall in Ortigas may seem tiny beside the SM Megamall, but it is a relaxing place to go to particularly because it is a clean mall. It helps that it is generally less crowded than other malls. This translates to less litter and trash, but a lot of credit also goes to the maintenance that this mall has.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guide To Choosing Movies For Your Kids

With the extensive exposure to media that children get nowadays, it is not surprising that many of them ‘watch’ their first movie even before their first birthday. Although mere exposure and actually watching and understanding the movie are two different things, it is recommended that kids younger than two years old are not allowed to watch television, or movies for that matter.

Still, once the kids reach a particular age, it is inevitable in some households that these kids will have watched a handful of movies. Media such as TV shows, online videos, and movies, are not all bad for the children because once children’s brains are mature enough to process these media, there could be benefits to this activity as well.

However, it is still very important to monitor and choose the movies for your kids. Below are some tips to help you choose movies for your kids.

·         Everything goes through you. Think of yourself as your children’s gatekeeper – you get to choose which movies and TV shows get to go inside your children’s brains and nothing goes directly to them without going through you. Set this rule firmly in their minds, so that your children will also get into the habit of asking you before watching anything.

·         Watch it yourself. The best way to find out if a movie is suitable for your children is to watch it yourself. Even if it is a Philippine movie, an old movie, an animated movie, or any other kind of movie, make sure that you watch it first before letting your kids do the same thing. Watch this movie with a critical eye, always asking yourself whether it is appropriate for your own kids.

·         Research. There will be times when it will be difficult for you to watch it yourself beforehand such as when you and your family will be watching at a cinema in one of the malls in thePhilippines. In these instances, your weapon is your research skills. Read reviews and ratings to find out as much as you can about the movie. However, your final judgment will only be based on these reviews so make sure that you do a thorough research.

·         Anticipate issues. For movies wherein some sensitive issues might have been tackled, it is important to ask yourself regarding your stand on these issues that have cropped up. Thinking through these issues will help you guide your child on said issues. 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Four (4) Post-Valentine Ideas For Busy Couples

Valentine’s Day this year fell on a Friday. It was also payday for majority of the companies in the Philippines which is why it was not surprising to see crowds of people and heavy traffic at the busiest parts of the metro. It is also for these reasons that some couples have opted to celebrate Heart’s Day after February 14.

How To Have Post-Valentine Date For Busy Couples
If you and your partner lead busy lives, one of the common struggles you might encounter is how to make your schedules meet. As many consider Valentine’s Day extra special for couples, the only way to mark the occasion is to be with one another before or after the event. Here are some suggestions that will only take three to four hours of your time. See which post-valentine idea is most applicable to busybodies like you.

1.       Hang out at home. There is nothing more intimate than being with each other alone. Start the afternoon by visiting the grocery store near you then cook dinner together. The experience is guaranteed to bring you closer as you play with the taste and scent of the dishes. Drink some wine, talk about anything and everything and share future plans. Want to get pampered simultaneously? Set an appointment for home-service couple massages to relax those aching muscles.

2.       Watch a romantic movie. Sometimes, simply going out, malling and visiting your favorite stores make a huge difference. After all, it’s all about setting aside some “us” moment that matters the most. Do some window shopping and eat out. End the night with the last showing of a comedy-romance flick in one of the Philippine cinemas. Buy yourselves popcorns and colas and savor the company of your guy or girl.

3.       Have a food trip. Feed each other and satisfy your cravings by trying a couple of cuisines and flavors in fashion. For instance, try something Capampangan at Abe, one of the restaurants in Trinoma. Stroll around the mall for a few minutes then have merienda at Parvati afterwards. For early dinner, keep it hot and spicy by dining in at Mango Tree Bistro, a Thai resto. To lose those extra pounds gained during your food-tripping escapade, belt out your favorite birit songs at the Red Box. This is a great opportunity to hold a private concert for him or her.

4.       Enjoy the great outdoors together. Bike around the village, go jogging or play tennis, the important thing is that you share these precious moments.