Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cleanest Malls In Metro Manila

Many Filipinos spend a lot of their time in the malls. Many of them go straight to the mall after work and during weekends. The popularity of going to the malls as a pastime is evident in the number of people that these places get especially during special occasions and sales.

With the large number of people who frequent malls in the Philippines every day, you would think that many of them are a bit dirty and disorderly. On the other hand, the numerous malls make the competition among them stiffer. A lot of these malls strive to have the best offerings for its patrons; whether state-of-the-art cinemas, the best shops, big events in the Philippines, and a large variety of restaurants, these malls aim to provide an excellent experience.

If you are one of those who prioritizes cleanliness in malls, below are some of the cleanest malls you can go to in Metro Manila.

· Greenbelt Mall. This mall is the poster child for clean and green malls. Long before malls started incorporating greenery and pocket gardens in their designs Greenbelt was blazing the trail with their open mall concept and large central garden. Being gre.en is not the only thrust of this mall because cleanliness is also very evident.

· SM Mall of Asia. The Mall of Asia’s strategic location right by the Manila Bay makes it a model of how clean seaside establishments should be. Despite its vast area and being one of the biggest malls, SM MOA succeeds in controlling the potential litter and trash that a mall its size could accumulate, making it still one of the cleanest malls to visit.

· Rockwell Mall. Some people say that the mall in Rockwell is a mall for the more affluent people. Whether this is true or not, this mall certainly tries to live up to the standards of such a mall. The mall is very clean and you only get quick glimpses of how much work it takes to keep it as such.

· Shangri-La Plaza Mall. This mall in Ortigas may seem tiny beside the SM Megamall, but it is a relaxing place to go to particularly because it is a clean mall. It helps that it is generally less crowded than other malls. This translates to less litter and trash, but a lot of credit also goes to the maintenance that this mall has.

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