Monday, January 20, 2014

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Cinemas To Go To

Finding cinemas in the Philippines is easy. In fact, almost every shopping center in the Philippines has at least a pair. However, selecting the best one is a different story. You see, despite the number of cinemas to choose from, only a few are actually well maintained and are good enough to give you the best viewing experience when watching a movie.

If you are on the lookout for such a cinema in thePhilippines, here are some things you need to consider first before you start buying tickets.

Maintained by a reputable company

Just because a cinema is found inside a shopping center in the Philippines, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s well-maintained. On the contrary, some malls ignore their cinemas’ conditions and just settle for monthly or quarterly maintenance instead of a more regular one. This is especially true for malls whose main attractions are not their cinemas.

If you are considering cinemas in malls, better go for those maintained by reputable companies. These malls are regularly serviced and all their facilities are always near or are at top quality. Since their brand reputation is their biggest investment, they will do everything to keep that reputation synonymous to excellence. This fortunately applies to the cinemas under their name.

 Not so cheap

Good cinemas are usually not so cheap. Some would rather use the word pricey, but you have to understand that quality conditions and regular maintenance come at a cost. So before you judge cinemas as being too pricey, you better take into consideration more than just the movie you’re watching. In fact, it’s easier to just think of the little extra you’re paying as the cost of the clean and ergonomic seats, the relatively germ-free walls, digitally enhanced audio, the nice smell, and the dry spotlessly clean toilets.

Offers Reserved Seating

Good quality cinemas do not stay hidden. In fact, they quickly become popular because people would definitely talk about them. So, if a cinema is usually catering to a lot of movie-goers, then it can be an indication of how good the viewing experience inside it is.

Because of this, good quality cinemas (if not initially, then eventually) come with reserved seating. This provides viewers with the extra luxury of time and removes the inconvenience of waiting. With this feature, you just buy a ticket, reserve some seats, and then go to the cinema just a few minutes before the next showing. No hassles, no waiting, just you and the movie on the big screen. Now that’s the best viewing experience.

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