Monday, September 2, 2013

Safety Tips For Mall Weekend Sales

Mall wide sales during payday weekends have long been a common occurrence in the Philippines. This is a time when a lot of people troop to the malls with their hard-earned money to take advantage of the many items that are on sale. These mall wide weekend sales are not infrequent events in the Philippines; in fact, it has become a regular thing for most shopping malls in the Philippines and people have come to expect these kinds of sales.

However, because of the huge number of people who go to these mall sales, a lot of care and precaution should be taken to avoid any untoward incident from happening. Below are some tips to ensure a safe and secure shopping time for you.
  • Bring as little as possible. If your only destination is the mall to shop, try to bring as little as possible. Just the essentials such as your wallet and mobile phone are good enough. Just put them in a small bag that you can hang around your body. This way, there will be little chance of you misplacing or losing anything.

  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Mall wide sales do not mean leisure shopping. If you want to shop without getting bumped and hustled a few times by other people, then shop during other times when there is no sale going on. Otherwise, be prepared to go into the battle zone with comfortable clothes and shoes that will help you move easily. This kind of outfit will also allow you to endure standing and walking around for a longer time.

  • Bring recyclable bags. Once you have bought items from several shops, it might be difficult to monitor the number of shopping bags that you should have. To prevent you from forgetting or misplacing a shopping bag, bring several big recyclable bags that can hold more items. Not only will you cut down the number of bags you have to carry around, using these bags is also more environmentally friendly.

  • Do not bring kids. Unless really necessary and cannot be avoided, do not bring your kids to these mall wide sales. Bringing them along would not only make it more difficult for you to move around, you also make the risk of them getting lost because of the number of people in the mall. If it cannot be helped, make sure that you keep them beside you at all times. Let them wear a harness if possible especially if your child is still very young.

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