Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Home Staging: Four (4) Secrets To Staging Your Bathroom Like A Luxury Spa

The golden rule when staging a house is to make it as appealing as possible to prospective homebuyers. This includes keeping it clean, neat and homely with enough storage space and legroom to give a comforting feel and atmosphere. How your house looks can give a lasting impression to every person who visits it and buyers are no exception.

How To Stage Your Bathroom To Feel Like A Luxury Spa
Bathrooms are one of the many home features that a potential buyer initially checks on when searching for properties for sale. It is safe to say then that it can be a deal breaker if not staged properly.
Here are some tips to transform your bathroom into a luxury spa. Learn how you can maximize each element to portray a simple and tasteful yet soothing spa-like experience.
1.      Decorations and Ambience. The secret lies to the decorations so as to create an aura similar to those found in spas. When you think of spa, you usually associate it with water and nature.
o    Plants. Start by incorporating life and adding greeneries to your condo bath – put in some fresh flowers like orchids or aloe vera on transparent vases and have them placed by the sink, tub or window. Scatter decorative twigs and berries on the top shelf.
o    Sea-inspired items. Bring in the feeling of being by the beach through shells, starfish and pebbles decoration.
o    Curtains and rugs. Get rid of the traditional shower curtains and replace them with something more flowing and relaxing to the eyes. Cover the floors with rugs that have ethnic vibes on it.
o    Toiletries. Ideally, there should be no trace or indication that there is someone living in your residence during the tour. However, you can give an illusion of being in a luxurious suite or resort by organizing the bath products on one corner. Ensure that they are all new and unused. Have a basket or glass jars for unwrapped soap bars and cotton balls. You can also drop some flower petals around the area.
2.      Towels and Robes. Pick towels that are ultra-white and organic during the touring event. You can roll them like in real spas and situate them near the sink; store them up in baskets by the floor or fold them up on a bamboo or wooden tray. Have some wash cloths readily available too. Slip a fluffy white robe on a padded hanger and place them within reach.
3.      Scents. Putting scented candles in various heights and sizes creates a serene mood. Also, get some natural aroma oils like rose, vanilla or lavender that can be added to the water for a more romantic smell.
4.      Lighting. Position some lamps that have soft lights in a couple of corners around the room. If your window needs replacement, opt for something where the glass can let in the light but can protect your privacy at the same time.

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